Do you have questions about how a Virtual Tour works? We answer all the frequently asked questions about Virtual Tours in this excerpt.

1. Why choose us?

We offer best rates in the market, combined with fast delivery and constant communication through the process. In addition we are flexible in case there are changes or updates to be performed.

Furthermore we are certified Matterport Service Partners, as well as Google Street View Trusted Pros, which ensures excellent results and satisfaction.

2. What is Matterport?

Is the leading technology in the market that allows to capture, process, personalize and publish digital twins of any space, using virtual reality and 3D to get the highest quality and detail.

Main benefits include a considerable reduction in delivery times, highly competitive rates and an increase in visibility and interaction for potential clients.

3. What are the rates for the Matterport Virtual Tour?

Our services are performed based on M2 and extra add-ons. Feel free to contact us for a personalized estimate according to your needs.

4. What is hosting or external storage?

Is the space where the Virtual Tour is hosted within the Matterport servers, allowing to share it in real time through links or insert code in your webpage and use it as a marketing tool. Hosting is currently managed through the Matterport platform.

5. How long does the scan and processing last?

Even though it may vary depending on M2 and complexity, scanning usually takes about an hour and the final delivery is done within 72 hours. We keep constant support and communication along the process in case there’s any doubt that might arise.

6. Is it easy to share the Tour?

Definitively. Final delivery includes HTML code and iFrame which makes it easy to share in social media and webpage, reaching a higher number of clients. Also we recommend following our blog, which features different articles with suggestions to make the most out of your tour.

7. Can I add Tours to my web? Does it take too much space?

Tours are hosted in an external server, meaning they won’t take up space in your networks or website, while maintaining high quality in the visualizations.

8. Is there any option to limit the Tour privacy?

That is correct, if needed there’s an option to limit a tour visibility for determined clients, instead of having it public.

9. Where are you currently operating?

Good news! We offer our services nationwide, being able to assign our specialists upon request.

10. Do I need some preparation of my space before the Tour?

Yes, take into account that the space must be clean, people need to clear the premises and all personal effects that shouldn’t be featured in the 3D recording removed. It is important to mention that we won’t be able to do any changes afterwards as a result of this.

11. Can I include my Company details?

Yes, there’s an option to include your Company name and contact details once the tour is complete. We will share a form to personalize it.

12. Can I add tags to the Virtual Tour?

Yes, the tour is highly customizable through labels or tags with multimedia content (Video links, web or images) that can be applied to spaces or objects within the Tour and acquired as an add-on.

13. Can I add measurements to my spaces?

Yes, it is possible to include measurements with a precision close to 99%.

14. Can I get photographs of the Tour?

Depending on the scanned space we offer an ideal quantity with HDR 4K quality.

15. Is it posible to include my space in Google Street View?

We offer this service for business addresses and public properties, increasing visibility and positioning of your business in Google’s search engine and Google Maps, resulting in a higher number of potential clients.

16. Can I see my space with Virtual Reality glasses?

Yes, our technology allows to Access the Virtual Reality button through the Tour. After activation all you need is your mobile, some VR glasses and the Matterport VR application to enjoy the experience.

17. Do you offer discounts or promotions?

Yes, we have several offers depending on the Company or industry, offering discounts based on the project. Additionally ask about our Partner Program which features collaboration opportunities to maximize your income.

18. Do you have after-sales support?

Our interest is to develop a long-term relationship with our clients. We are available to help with any questions that you might have in the near future.